Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Only Six More Days!

Our challenges will start up again next Tuesday!!  I can't wait!  I hope you'll all join us in the fun!
Recently, the team was asked, “Does your husband/boyfriend/significant other stamp?  Here’s what they said:

  • Sadly no, although he really appreciates everything I make for him. I keep hoping one day he'll go in when I'm not looking and play.   – Shannon
  • Nope, has no interest.  But he does appreciate my creations. –Anne
  • Only when he has too!   LOL   He'll do anything I ask, but...........but that is why I have gotten all the men in my family the "Dude" stampin' kits.    I can't wait to see what they come up with as they are all so talented with different mediums like welding, silversmithing, lasering, etc.   They all have "awesome" garages or shops so this is going to be quite interesting. – Leilani
  • Good question! The quick answer is no, lol.  But he is a graphic designer and has a very creative mind so I will usually ask him for advice on color schemes/designs. I've been able to WOW him a couple of times. –-Kathya
  • Not my husband or my daughter have I been able to make into addicts or even part-time users. They do ask, occasionally for me to make them a card or gift.  –Rose
  • Yes, my husband has stamped. Both with me, and for me.  My husband gene attended a workshop that Anne held at her home. Gene has also make tags for my Christmas gifts. He is most comfortable wood working. But can appreciate the whole process of crafting and understands the need for the “escape” that crafting allows.  –Sharon
  • No,  but  he has used the Color Coach to design web pages when he was going to school!  He thinks its quicker to make a card on the computer then to stamp one!!!   -Jenni
  • My husband has stamped, but it’s been a few years!  He made me a shaped card—a house, complete with windows!!  He used a clear envelope for the window panes!!  He also helps me with Christmas cards and other “big” projects.  –Tammy
  •  No, but my husband is a woodworker, so appreciates the creative process and understands the importance of crafting!  Although, he has been known to help with heat embossing when necessary! -Yapha
  • My hubs doesn't stamp, but he's helped out with Christmas card production a few times--once doing all the embossing, once helping to watercolor images.  He's always good about giving me opinions on my creations though! -Christie

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